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Reed calls resignation "hardest decision of my life"


In his letter of resignation, Copeland MP Jamie Reed says leaving Parliament is the hardest decision of his life.

He thanked everyone who has supported and advised him, and marked his achievements at the West Cumberland Hospital as his proudest achievements.

"I'm proud of what i've achieved over the past 12 years with the help and support of the Copeland community and the last Labour Government.

"Together we built schools, town centre developments, university facilities, dental surgeries, and a new West Cumberland Hospital of which i'm most proud. This is the hospital where my four children were born and which saved my life in 2010 when admitted to intensive care as a result of undiagnosed Type 1 Diabetes.

"I love my community and i love the Labour Party. Leaving Parliament is the hardest decision of my life. "

– Jamie Reed MP

Copeland MP welcomes nuclear waste consultation

Copeland MP Jamie Reed has welcomed the launch of a consultation on the Managing Radioactive Waste Safely siting process:

"Managing radioactive waste safely is one of the most important environmental and economic challenges facing this country and our community. It is morally indefensible to leave this problem for future generations to solve.

"This is a national process - not one centred solely upon West Cumbria and I expect other interested areas to come forward.

"The Department of Energy & Climate Change has learned from the previous process and has listened closely to the West Cumbrian Community and the Sellafield workforce.

"I hope that there is widespread engagement with this consultation and I'm sure that there will be: wherever a GDF is ultimately sited, this is the most important issue facing West Cumbria.

"Nuclear generation is the only form of electricity production determined to manage the waste products it creates. It's strategically essential for the UK and a vitally important part of West Cumbria's future."

– Jamie Reed MP, Copeland