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Legionnaires disease, public reassured

Following confirmation that a man has been admitted into Carlisle's Cumberland with suspected Legionnaires disease, health professionals are keen to reassure people that this is not a new outbreak.

The gentleman was visiting the region from Edinburgh when he fell ill and there's no chance of infection. Dr Nigel Calvert is the Associate Director of Public Health, NHS Cumbria.

Suspected Legionnaires case

Health officials have confirmed that a man from Edinburgh has been admitted into Carlisle's Cumberland Infirmary with suspected Legionnaires disease.

It's believed he was visiting Cumbria when he took ill.

Health bosses are keen to reassure the public and have explained that the disease is not infectious and this case is not a new outbreak. One man has died and there are currently 24 confirmed cases of the disease and 37 suspected cases. They are all centred on Edinburgh.