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Carlisle cafe tackles unemployment amongst people with learning difficulties

A cafe in Carlisle has decided to provide opportunities, alongside food, for people who might normally struggle to find work.

Volunteers with learning disabilities are helping to run Doves Cafe in the city centre.

It will open for two days a week but staff from the charity Mencap hope demand will grow and grow.

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Carlisle MENCAP film encourages disabled people to vote

The aim is to encourage disabled people to vote. Credit: Carlisle MENCAP

A film made in Cumbria to encourage disabled people to vote will be distributed across the UK.

500 copies will be sent to disabled people and groups ahead of May's general election.

That's because the quality of the film, and message behind it, have been approved by the Cabinet Office, which has agreed to fund it.

The film called "Voting - hear my voice" was made at Carlisle's MENCAP centre.


'Safe Place' scheme launches in Cumbria

A new scheme to create safe places within shops for vulnerable people in the community has been launched in Cumbria.

People with learning difficulties, or who have mental health issues, will be urged to carry a card which will help them get assistance if they become confused or experience other difficulties while out shopping.

Young people with learning difficulties make a DVD about internet safety

Carlisle MENCAP have launched a DVD to help vulnerable people understand how to use social networking sites and mobile phones safely. The charity decided on the initiative after its staff noticed that members were unaware of the dangers connected with these activities.

Vulnerable people are often trusting of people and this is equally true of people they meet over the net. The dangers were highlighted when a disabled person showed staff her Facebook site. She had over 800 friends - the vast majority of whom she didn't know.

She had also included her name, address and phone number which were all available to these strangers. The DVD has been made by young people with learning difficulties.