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WATCH: is there still a stigma around mental health?

Throughout Mental Health Awareness Week ITV Border has produced a number of reports about the different issues in Cumbria, Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders.

In the last of our special reports, Fiona Marley Paterson looks at whether there is still a stigma around mental health:

Mental health in the workplace

According to the Time for Change campaign, nine out of ten people with a mental health condition experience discrimination.

And some charities believe the stigma around mental health is felt more keenly in the workplace.

Research from the Institute of Directors found 75 percent of businesses don't have a mental health policy, and only 7 percent have discussed mental health with their staff.

One service user at MIND, the mental health charity in Kendal, says stigma in the workplace is still commonplace, and that she lost her job because of a mental health condition:


Is there still stigma around mental health issues?

Is there still a stigma around mental health issues?

People using the mental health charity MIND in Kendal say there is.

The group were discussing the subject as part of Mental Health Awareness Week:

Cumbria NHS: mental health 'everyone's responsibility'

The number of suicides in Cumbria is above the national average, and the Cumbria Partnership NHS Trust is offering support and advice in a bid to help reduce this figure.

Sara Munro Director of Quality and Nursing at the Trust, says looking after mental health is "everyone's responsibility", but that the NHS can provide specialist support:

The rate of suicide amongst men is considerably higher than amongst women, and Sara says this can be down to notions like 'masculinity':

Carlisle Samaritans appeal for more volunteers

Carlisle Samaritans are appealing for more volunteers, so the branch can be open full-time.

The charity also says it isn't just for people who are feeling suicidal and that they take calls from a wide range of people in need:

WATCH: maternal mental health issues

Katherine Rutherford and Gemma Cairns know from personal experience how difficult childbirth can be - emotionally, and physically.

They set up the Happy Mums Foundation, in Carlisle, to help pregnant women and their families with mental health issues during maternity:


Maternal mental health: advice and support

Many women, and their families, experience mental health issues during and after pregnancy.

It can be a hugely stressful time in anyone's life, but fortunately there are a number of support networks available:

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