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West Cumbria coal mine could open in 2018

Mining could return in 2018. Credit: PA

The Chief Executive of a company hoping to open a new underground coal mine in west Cumbria says it could open at the end of 2018.

Mark Kirkbride, of West Cumbria Mining, says around one billion tonnes of coking coal could be on the coastline near Whitehaven.

Plans for mining in West Cumbria unveiled to the public

Mining was once a huge part of the Cumbrian economy. Credit: PA

People in west Cumbria will be able to find out more about plans to bring coal mining back to the area this weekend.

West Cumbria Mining are hosting a public open day at Whitehaven's Haig Pit to give an update on their scheme to extract coal from under the Irish Sea.

'Promising' signs for zinc mining in Cumbria

A mining company says its exploratory drilling for zinc in the Pennines is looking very promising.

The drilling is taking place in the Nenthead area, near Alston.

It was once a big mining area and in its time had one of the most productive lead mines in the country.

Canadian company Minco wants to bring mining back to the area around Nenthead if the mineral supplies are sufficient.

It could lead to the creation of between 300 and 500 jobs.

The exploratory work is expected to take several years.

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