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The Dumfries 'lunatic asylum' turned nurse training site

“Treatment could be pretty barbaric with cold baths and whipping of patients”.

The former Crichton Royal Hospital in Dumfries opened in 1830. But many years later, it pioneered care for mental health patients.

Cradle to grave: Midwives and morticians

NHS staff care for us from the cradle to the grave.

There might not be one born every minute in our region, but midwives play a huge role in bringing new life into Cumbria and the South of Scotland.

Meet community midwife Alison from Galashiels:

The NHS still plays a part after we die too.

Mortuary worker, Alex, tells us how she got into her job at the Cumberland Infirmary, that she finds far from morbid:

NHS nurses: Past and present

We put one of west Cumbria's first NHS nurses, 85-year-old Ella Cullen, in a room with Vanessa Branney, who currently works in the Intensive Care Unit, and left them to chat:

WATCH: Who is your local NHS hero?

Next month the NHS will mark its 70th anniversary and we'd like your help to mark the occasion.

We want you to tell us who your local NHS hero is in a 20 second video clip. Send it to and you could be on Lookaround!

Samantha Parker has the details:

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