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Northern Powerhouse can 'unlock significant growth' in Cumbria

The Northern Powerhouse minister James Wharton has been speaking to businesses in Carlisle.

He is responsible for attracting more investment to northern cities, and he's been explaining how Cumbrian businesses could benefit over the coming years:

I think devolution has the potential to unlock significant economic growth in places like Cumbria.

It's already doing a lot of exciting things with the nuclear and pharmaceutical industry, and tourism.

There's real potential in Cumbria to go further and devolution can give local people what they need to control that process and deliver on that potential."

– James Wharton MP, Northern Powerhouse Minister

'Northern powerhouse' project leader visits Carlisle

Carlisle Credit: ITV Border

The minister responsible for attracting more investment and business to northern cities, is speaking to local companies in Carlisle today.

James Wharton is leading the Government's so-called 'Northern Powerhouse' project.

He'll be explaining how Cumbrian businesses stand to benefit over the coming years.

Roads Minister: Cumbria to North East is 'national pinch point'

The A69 could be made a dual carriageway. Credit: ITV Border

Roads Minister Andrew Jones says there is a "national pinch point" between Cumbria and the North East when it comes to road transport.

He's in Carlisle today, to look at plans to turn two major Cumbrian roads, the A69 and A66, into dual carriageways:

The key thing here is we know we have a national pinch point. We want to improve the east to west connections in the north of our country.

And how do we do that is the question we've asked. And we've asked it in a strategic study, which is going to report next year, and that will form part of our thinking in how we construct future road investment schemes."

– Andrew Jones, Roads Minister