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Tim Farron urges families to join organ donor register

On average, three people die each day in need of a transplant Credit: Office of Tim Farron

Tim Farron is calling for more families in the South Lakes to join the organ donor register. This follows his visit to a donation stand at Westmorland General Hospital at the start of Organ Donor Week.

On average, three people die each day in need of a transplant because of a lack of registered organ donors. As of last week, there were over 6,000 people in need of a new organ.

Although we should be proud of the huge numbers of people in the South Lakes that signed up to be organ donor, the number of people who die every year because they can’t find a donor is still far too high.

I am calling on everyone who has not signed up to join the organ donor register today. It is quick and easy to do, but could well be the difference between life and death for someone.”

– Tim Farron, MP


Campaigners call for opt out system for organ donation

The latest statistics show that there are more than 100 people in the Border region waiting for organ donations.

59 of them were in Cumbria, 14 on the waiting list in the Borders and another 28 in Dumfries and Galloway.

At present, both England and Scotland have an opt-in system where people voluntarily sign on to a register.

Campaigners are calling for the law to be changed so that everyone is automatically signed up to be a donor with the option to opt out.

Katie Hunter has been to meet two families on either side of the border with very different stories:


Borders students encourage organ donation

Students at Borders College are holding an Organ Donation Awareness Day.

They are have put together a promotional film to encourage other young people to think about organ donation.

The students campaign comes on the same day the Scottish Parliament is debating an opt out system for organ donation.

More than 4,000 transplants were carried out in the UK last year.

Figures from the Organ Donor website Since 1 April 2014:

  • 113 people have donated organs
  • 187 people have donated corneas
  • 223 people have received the gift of sight
  • 292 people have received transplants
  • 6,963 people are still waiting for transplants

Students hope their campaign get people talking and get more people to join the Organ Donor Register.

ITV Fixers focus on organ donors in the Scottish Borders

Around eighty people are currently waiting for an organ transplant in the Borders.

In the last nine months of 2013, just a quarter of that number got lucky when organs became available.

Now a young man from Galashiels wants to turn organ donation into less of a lottery, by persuading more young people to register because he knows the difference it can make.

He's enlisted the help of Fixers - the campaign that gives young people a voice - to get across his difficult message.

He tells his story below. For more information on ITV Fixers click here.

Mother's comfort as daughter's organs save lives

A mother from Penrith who allowed her daughter's organs to be donated for transplant - after she died of a brain tumour - says it's been a great comfort to know that other lives have been saved.

Lesley Kremer is calling for organ donation to be made automatic, after her daughter Rosie died last year.

Her organs were given to five different patients.

Katie Oakes reports:

Mother of organ donor backs 'opt out' scheme

A mother who allowed her daughter's organs to be donated after she died of a brain tumour is backing the 'opt out' system.

The scheme, already in place in Wales, would mean that in the event of death, a person's organs could be used without giving consent.

It applies to over-18s who die in Wales if they have lived in Wales for more than 12 months.

Lesley Kremer's daughter died last year.

She spoke with Aled Jone and Lorraine Kelly on Daybreak:

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