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Design for permanent crossing at Pooley Bridge to be unveiled

The temporary bridge currently in place Credit: ITV Border

A draft design for the new crossing at Pooley Bridge will be unveiled tonight at a public meeting. Residents will be given feedback about consultations of the design and how a final draft was decided.

The bridge collapsed during Storm Desmond in December 2015 and a temporary one opened in March last year. The meeting about the permanent bridge design will take place at Parkin Memorial Hall at 6.30pm.

Pooley Bridge flood forum

The collapsed bridge at Pooley Bridge after Storm Desmond Credit: Press Association

Recommendations for protecting Pooley Bridge from future flooding will be outlined in a report tonight.

Around 20 properties were affected when Storm Desmond hit the village in early December and the force of the water caused the road bridge to collapse. The Cumbria County Council-led report will be revealed at a public meeting tonight.

The meeting takes place at Pooley Bridge Village Hall between 6pm and 9pm.


Businesses hail temporary Pooley Bridge

Businesses say the new temporary crossing in Pooley Bridge is a big boost for tourism businesses ahead of the Easter holidays.

The bridge opened yesterday and saw traffic returning to normal through the village, in a landmark moment since its historic bridge was washed away during December's storms.

Celebration as Pooley Bridge opens

The first crowds cross the new Pooley Bridge Credit: ITV News Border

The temporary bridge in place of the one that was washed away during December's storms in Pooley Bridge is now open to traffic.

It was blessed by the Bishop of Penrith before the crowds delighted in being able to walk and drive to the other side of the village without a lengthy diversion.

It's been a day of celebration in the sun as the bridge is now ready for Easter tourists, to the joy of local businesses.

The new bridge ahead of the official opening Credit: ITV News Border

Pooley Bridge set to reopen

The temporary bridge has been finished a week ahead of schedule Credit: ITV News Border

A new temporary bridge is set to open in Pooley Bridge today, reconnecting the village, which has suffered from lack of trade since its historic bridge collapsed during the floods.

Storm Desmond damaged dozens of bridges across Cumbria but the loss of Pooley Bridge was particularly dramatic.

The village, on the northern tip of Ullswater, is rural and relies heavily on tourism, sparking a campaign to get the bridge back by Easter.

The temporary bridge has been completed a week ahead of schedule and a programme of celebrations is planned for the whole day.

Penrith Town Band will play from 11.45am, ahead of welcome speeches and a blessing from the Bishop of Penrith. The first cars will be allowed over at 12.25pm.

The bridge will need to be replaced by a similar listed structure but it's not known when that will happen.

The collapse of Pooley Bridge was one of the most dramatic moments of the floods Credit: ITV News Border
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