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Former WW2 pilot reflects on 100 years since the RAF

It's 100 years this week since the Royal Airforce was formed and celebrations have been held across the country to mark its centenary.

One of the last surviving RAF flight instructors and pilots lives in Bolton Low Houses near Wigton in west Cumbria. Meet 96-year-old Sidney James, known by everyone as "Jimmie".

WATCH: RAF Chinook captured flying low in Cumbria

While filming in Windermere, our cameraman caught an RAF Chinook flying really low over the lake - don't worry, it was just an exercise!


'Freedom' of Brampton for the RAF

RAF troops on parade Credit: ITV Border

The Royal Air Force has been given the 'freedom' of a Cumbrian town.

Townsfolk handed over the freedom of Brampton to officers from the RAF at a ceremony in the centre of the town.

The honour was given to the RAF to mark the close relationship the community has with the nearby RAF Spadeadam training facility.

RAF Spadeadam Station Commander, Wing Commander Ruari Henderson-Begg says it's been a proud moment.

Scottish RAF base turned into tourist attraction

The site of an RAF base, which was used for operations during the second world war, has been turned into a tourist attraction.

Lock Ryan was used by flying boats and other aircraft. The council funded attraction explains the history of the base, and recreates the atmosphere of the time.