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Cumbria's Police and Crime Commissioner's first 100 days in office

Richard Rhodes, Cumbria's Police and Crime Commissioner Credit: ITV News Border

Cumbria's Police and Crime Commissioner, Richard Rhodes, has spent just over 100 days in his new role.

Mr Rhodes, who was elected in November, is responsible for holding the police force and the Chief Constable to account as well as giving Cumbrian people a way of influencing policing matters.

He said:

"The first 100 days have been incredibly busy.

"I look forward to the next 100 days being as equally challenging, rewarding and further building on partnership working particularly at district council level.

"Only by working together will we make Cumbria an even safer place to live, work and visit."


'Police officers cannot be made redundant'

"In all of local government, in all of the public services we appreciate that the money coming in is not sufficient to meet what the current outgoings are.

"I understand that there is a plan to reduce some of the Police Force numbers which I understand currently will be through natural wastage.

"Police officers cannot be made redundant."

– Celia Tibble, Chairperson, Cumbria Police and Crime Panel


'Frontline officers will have to be reduced'

Richard Rhodes, Police and Crime Commissioner, Cumbria Credit: ITV Border

Cumbria Police say the number of frontline officers will have to be reduced in five years time unless other budget savings can be made.

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Cumbria, Richard Rhodes, said 64 officers posts will go through natural wastage by 2017.

He said:

"If we can't move on from where we are at the present time we anticipate that we may well have to reduce the number of police officers by 64 by 2017."

It came on the day Mr Rhodes met the Police and Crime Panel for the first time since he took up the role.

The panel was created to check that the commissioner is meeting his statutory requirements including any budget plans.

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