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Weather: Further snow showers

A further 10-15 cm is likely to build up above 150 m with 20-30 cm possible over the highest routes - although (as is the nature with showers) some areas will see less.

At low levels, 2-6 cm, perhaps locally 10 cm, would be more likely.

Showers may well be accompanied by hail and lightning at times, increasing the potential for disruption to power supplies.

Winds will strengthen at times, bringing the potential for temporary blizzard conditions and drifting over hills.


Weather: Further snow showers today and tomorrow

Snow showers will be heaviest and most frequent across western Scotland where a further 10-20 cm is likely to build up above 200-300 m with 30 cm possible over the very highest routes.

At low levels, parts of the warning area will see 3-7 cm of snow but some places near the west coast will see very little.

Showers will be accompanied by hail and lightning at times, particularly across western Scotland.

Weather warning: Snow and ice across region

Credit: Met Office

A yellow weather warning for snow and ice is in force across Cumbria and the south of Scotland this morning.

The region is already experiencing travel disruption due to weather conditions, with numerous reports of RTC's in Cumbria and overnight incidents in southern Scotland.

The Met Office says the weather is likely to continue causing problems this morning, with the warning in force until 11.00am.


Weather: Will heavy snow affect you?

A spell of persistent and heavy snow is expected on Wednesday night, clearing eastwards by dawn on Thursday morning.

Travel delays are likely on roads with a risk that some vehicles and passengers could become stranded.

Delays or cancellations are likely to rail and air travel.

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