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D&G para-athlete honoured with gold phone box

The gold phone box in honour of Shelby Watson's record-breaking achievements Credit: ITV Border

One of the region's most successful para-athletes has been honoured in a special ceremony in her home town.

The phonebox in Johnstonebridge near Moffat has been painted gold in recognition of Shelby Watson's achievements as a multiple world record holder in the T33 classification.

Our reporter Ryan Dollard went to meet her:

WATCH: Scotland's 'Golden-Girl'

Para-athlete Shelby Watson was given a warm welcome in her hometown of Johnstonebridge after winning five gold medals at the Cerebral Palsy World Games.

Shelby's dad Russ can't believe the progress she has made in only 2 years.

Family and friends came to congratulate Shelby on her 5 gold medals from the Cerebral Palsy World Games.


Day 1: My Journey to the Games

Shelby Watson's Postcard from the Games first blog post Credit: ITV Border

So I safely arrived in Nottingham, after an early rise and a few minor technical issues with the bus! Not that I'm complaining because I got to travel in style with a few of the coaches in the car, and to make it better my team mate even joined me so we had a wee sing song in the car (probably much to my coach's dismay as I can't sing to save my life!)

After a few stop offs at some services, to pick up really healthy snacks such as Maltesers (as much to my dismay, there were no chocolate eclairs! I'm putting a complaint in about that) we where finally on our way!

I wish I was able to let you know the exact length of the journey but if i'm being honest... I fell asleep! I blame the fact that I woke up at 5:00am because I was more than a wee bit excited!

Like any long car journey, we laughed, had fun and complained about the weather, but mostly I just ate my survival pack. Don't be fooled, when it comes to food my teenage cravings overrule my athletic diet! Which brings me to what I had for dinner tonight which was a lovely, buttery jacket potato with a salad because I was trying to eat a bit more like an athlete.

It was really strange being in a room with athletes from so many other countries sitting at other tables, as I found myself being really nosey and looking at their t-shirts trying to work out what countries they were here to represent. It's so cool to be in a room full of world class athletes from all over the globe as I don't think of myself at that kind of level so I just sat there like a mushroom staring and eating!

And this brings me to the nervousness and excitement for the competition! After dinner we were given our rooms which are lovely and there are no roommates so to be honest it's a little lonely but lovely all the same, though I do miss my pink sheets.... and my dog.

More excitement and exploring to be done tomorrow as we have a bed time... yes, seriously! Due to the full-on plan tomorrow we are all to be up early ready for breakfast and training!

Not much more I can say about today other than it's been an amazing first day and I'm super excited.... and nervous! Lots more to come tomorrow and Wilson (my racer) will be unpacked tomorrow ready for training... This is the longest we have been apart..

It's nearly 12 and I think I'm meant to be in bed but I'm eating Maltesers and on Netflix.... The life of an athlete!

Till tomorrow, good night!


Wheelchair racer gives medal to schoolgirl

Wheelchair racer Shelby Watson, from Johnstone Bridge in Dumfries and Galloway, took gold in the U17s mini London marathon.

Lucy and Shelby.

She presented her winning medal to a young girl called Lucy, who had given her a necklace, for luck, before the race.

Watch her present the medal here: