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TRAVEL: Snow drifts shut roads in south of Scotland

Credit: DGVost

A number of roads are closed in the south of Scotland due to snowdrifts brought by a combination of heavy showers and strong winds.

There are reports that Annandale and Eskdale appear to be the problem areas.

Many smaller roads are impassable, with some vehicles left stranded overnight.

The main roads - including A75 and A76, remain open at this time.

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Credit: Met Office

An AMBER BE PREPARED warning for SNOW which covered parts of Cumbria and southern Scotland has been lifted.

A YELLOW warning for STRONG WINDS across Cumbria is in place until 12pm today.

This may cause further disruption to travel, with some power cuts and potential damage to buildings.

A YELLOW warning for SNOW covers much of the region and is expected to continue until just before midnight on Saturday 3 March.

Showers and icy surfaces are expected to form, whilst some rural communities could become or remain cut off.

Police: 'Do not drive unless absolutely necessary'

Police on both sides of the Borders are advising drivers to consider whether their journey is essential before travelling.

Driving conditions remain hazardous as snowfall and high winds has caused snow to drift on many roads overnight.

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Beast from the East closes roads across the region

Credit: Cumbria Roads Police

The Beast from the East has problems on roads across the Border region.

Many roads in Cumbria are closed as vehicles are becoming stranded, while others are said to be under hazardous conditions.

Two lanes blocked on the M6 Northbound between Kendal and Tebay. Traffic is queueing and there are long delays on the road due to stranded vehicles.

There are also reports of an accident on the M6 Southbound between J45 and J44 (Carlisle North).

Some roads in parts of the south of Scotland are also affected.

Schools shut and hundreds of drivers stranded

Tailbacks built up on the snow-hit M74 motorway from late Tuesday Credit: Dumfries & Galloway VOST

Snow and ice have shut all schools in the Scottish Borders and left hundreds of motorists stranded on the M74 in Dumfries and Galloway.

Parts of the motorway were closed for a number of hours - with tailbacks stretching back six miles.

Moffat Mountain Rescue Team were asked to attend and check on motorists stuck in their vehicles.

Earlier, the Met Office issued an amber "be prepared" warnings of snow and ice for southern Scotland and Northern Ireland, with forecasters warning of "heavy squally showers of snow."

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