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St Bees reopening is good news for Copeland says mayor

Copeland mayor Mike Starkie Credit: ITV Border

Copeland's Elected Mayor, Mike Starkie, has welcomed plans to reopen St Bees School following its controversial closure in 2015.

The 400-year-old school is to open again in September 2018 thanks to a support from a South East Asian education group.

He said: "I am very pleased to hear the good news that St Bees School is to reopen in the not-too-distant future.

"It is very important to the growth of Copeland that we can offer good educational facilities.

"As we seek to recruit staff for the West Cumberland Hospital, West Cumbria Mining and NuGen, among others, it is imperative that we have both a public and a state school offering.

"I would like to congratulate the trustees of the school for their fortitude, endeavour and vision to secure the partnerships that were required both with Shenzhen International and the community links that have been engendered. This is good news for Copeland."


Parent reacts to St Bees closure

"This school should not be closing, 432 years of education on this site the governors should hang their heads n shame"

– Ruth Gilbert, Parent

Pupil 'devastated' as St Bees closes its doors

St Bees. Credit: ITV Border

As pupils at St Bees School, in West Cumbria, leave today, they know that the doors could be closing for good.

The school's governors announced it would be closing earlier on this year, because of falling pupil numbers.

A project team has been set up to analyse the options, and they say the school could re-open in 2017.

But it's been a difficult morning for many of the pupils there:

I'm completely devastated. It's been a really hard morning."

– Lydia Tuck, Pupil

St Bees School to close its doors on 'saddest day'

St Bees School. Credit: ITV Border

St Bees School will close this afternoon, following a lengthy battle between governors and people campaigning against the decision.

In March, the governors announced the 432-year-old school would have to close because of falling pupil numbers.

The Save St Bees Campaign was set up to reverse the decision, and a project team was then formed to look at the options.

They say the school could re-open in 2017, in a different form.

But today, the school's doors will close, and Save St Bees say it's "the saddest day in the 432-year history":

This is the saddest day in the 432 year history of our school. Many will have to look to themselves and live with what has happened.

Those who were entrusted with being guardians of our school and our children have failed miserably. They continue to hide from the shame.

Let them. We will learn from their failings. In going forward we will make sure when our school reopens, it will be run in an open and transparent way - engaging with all of its stakeholders.

For the sake of our children, today we are celebrating a school that for years brought great joy and harmony to pupils, parents, staff and the local community.

Someday soon, we will once again be celebrating our school's achievements and its magnificent pupils."

– Save St Bees Campaign

The school has 300 pupils, and employs 130 staff.


St Bees school likely to remain closed until 2017

Credit: ITV Border

A project team set up to look at options for St Bees School in West Cumbria say it could reopen in 2017.

The independent school closes to pupils on Friday because of falling student numbers.

Governors had originally hoped it would reopen next year, but that now looks unlikely.

Anthony Fox is leading the project team and told ITV Border:

The project team's aspiration is to have some form of education on site at St Bees at the start of academic year 2017/18.

"However none of us can give any guarantees that that will be the case because there are a range of factors and contingencies relevant to shaping the future.

"It should be clearly understood by all concerned that whatever it is that, hopefully, starts up again in 2017 will be a different institution from the current school."

– Anthony Fox

Governors say St Bees School could re-open in 2016

St Bees School Credit: ITV Border

Governors of a 400-year-old independent school in west Cumbria set to close this summer say they have identified a number of opportunities that could see the school survive.

It was announced earlier this year that St Bees School would close at the end of the summer term as falling pupil numbers had made its financial position unsustainable.

However, parents of pupils at the school set up a Save St Bees School campaign and the governing body now says the school could re-open in September 2016.

"Over the past month the Governors have identified a number of opportunities for a sustainable future for St Bees School. This work has necessarily been undertaken discretely and without publicity so as not to cause further distraction to the school community.

"The identified opportunities include both independent and maintained school models. However, regardless of the model adopted, the Governors are determined that the outcome will retain the ethos, values and good name of St Bees School.

"As a next stage in the process of securing the future, the Governors have made arrangements for suitably qualified third parties to undertake feasibility and other studies to allow further consideration and more extensive exploration of the available opportunities with relevant parties.

"The Governors intend, as soon as it is practicable to do so and certainly no later than mid-June, to arrange for consultation with all stakeholders and, in particular, the local community.

"The Governors have arranged for the establishment of a small project team of suitably qualified individuals to lead this transition work and it is anticipated that this team will, over the summer, assume many of the incumbent Board’s responsibilities and will form the core of a new Board of Governors as St Bees moves on to a new phase in its development.

It would be premature to speculate on the final outcomes and timescales. However plans are being made for the security and maintenance of assets following the end of the current term and the aim of the Governors is that St Bees School will re-open in September 2016."

– St Bees School Governors

However, the Save St Bees School campaign group has accused the governing body of failing to explain exactly what they mean about the future of the school.

"Once again the Governors have failed in their duty to engage with parents and stakeholders of the school. They announced the school was to close without warning, and now they issue a statement which raises more questions than answers.

"When will the Governors realise they have lost all credibility with parents, pupils, staff and the wider community and how are they going to explain to these stakeholders what this latest statement actually means for the future of our school?"

– Save St Bees School campaign group
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