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Watch: Peebles woman 'reclaiming her skin' with tattoos

Nicole Dobbie has a rare anxiety condition, which causes her to pick her skin.

She's covering the scars with tattoos to take her skin back, "inch by inch", and raise awareness about anxiety.

Jenny Longden went to meet her:


New rating scheme for Cumbria's tattoo parlours

Credit: Daniel Bockwoldt/DPA/Press Association Images

A new hygiene rating scheme for tattoo studios has been launched in Cumbria.

It's part of a nationwide scheme that was first devised and adopted in Wales, and is now being rolled out by councils across the whole of England.

Ratings start at one (needs improvement), and go to the highest level of four (very good).

Studios taking part in the scheme will display a sticker in their window that shows their rating.

It's hoped the scheme will help reduce the risk of infections occurring after tattoos.

The rating does not represent the quality of the tattoo art work itself.

I’d like to thank the studios that have signed up to this scheme for working with the Environmental Health Departments across Cumbria.

"Their involvement shows a commitment to improving standards and safeguarding the health of their clients.

"Customers can now choose a studio safe in the knowledge that they know exactly how high their hygiene standards are.”

– Scott Burns, Environmental Health Manager at Carlisle City Council

Full report: Crackdown on illegal tattooists

Carlisle City Council has begun a crack down on illegal tattoo artists - some of whom may have been giving tattoos to children.

Council officers have already closed down one studio which was operated from someone's kitchen.

One former unlicenced tattooist is warning that there could be an epidemic of backstreet tattoos as people try to get cut price body art.

Matthew Taylor reports:

'Think twice, tattoo once' safety campaign launched

A campaign is being launched in the Scottish Borders today to warn people about the dangers of using unlicensed tattoo artists.

Scottish Borders Council, NHS Borders and the Safer Communities Partnership are launching the 'Think twice, tattoo once' at Selkirk High School's Safe T tent.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage anyone thinking of getting a tattoo to do their research and make sure they use a properly licensed tattooist who is inspected by the council's Regulatory Services staff.