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WATCH: Families urged to take part in National Unplugging Day

On Sunday, families are being asked to spend the day from start to finish without any technology. It's part of National Unplugging Day after warnings that digital distractions are harming children's health and social skills. Kate Walby reports.


People encouraged to join in National Unplugging Day

National Unplugging Day encourages people to put their technology down Credit: PA

Families are being asked to switch off their computers, ipads and smartphones and take part in National Unplugging Day.

Parents and children are being asked to spend Sunday without any technology.

"It's the interactions that we often miss. I go home and my son is on his phone. I ask 'how's your day at school' and get 'urgh'.

"It's to encourage that dialogue which can be missed in society so I am looking forward to it

– Michael Robinson, Austin Friars School

New technology for NHS Trust in Cumbria

"Having this new technology, and the mobile technology that will be part of the system, will mean that wherever we are in Cumbria, whether we are in a community hospital or a patient's home or a clinic setting we will have access to the very latest, up to date information about that patients health, right at our fingertips, and we have never had that before. So it makes a difference to the patient, we have the most up to date prescriptions, assessment results that may have been done by colleagues, test results, right there when we see the patient when we need them."

– Mary Kiddy, Cumbria Partnership Trust

NHS Trust to invest in new technology

The Trust that runs the NHS in Cumbria has invested £10 million in new technology.

Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust hope the investment will lead to savings of £30 million in the future.

It will allow health providers to access patient information quickly. The Trust hope the new infrastructure will improve patient care.