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Memorial to Titanic engineer unveiled in Cumbria

A memorial to the Titanic Chief Engineer Joseph Bell will be unveiled in Cumbria today.

The regions only memorial to the Cumbrian from Farlam has undergone major conservation work.

The letter on the memorial stone has been re-worked by a local stonemason, and a new footpath to the memorial in St Thomas a Becket Church has been established.

A special celebration commemorating Bell will be held at the gravestone memorial today.


Titanic memorial headstone restored

Villages raised money to restore the head stone of Joseph Bell Credit: ITV Border

Work on the restoration of a headstone commemorating the Titanic's chief engineer has been completed.

Joseph Bell, who was from Farlam, near Brampton, went down with the ship when it sank in 1912.

His headstone had fallen into disrepair until villagers raised money to pay for its renovation

Memorial restored with quirks

The memorial to Joseph Bell, chief engineer of the Titanic, is being restored in Cumbria.

Bob Wellington, who is responsible for restoring the memorial has discovered some quirks but plans to keep them:

'We've got "grater love hath no man" and it should be greater with an "e" and it's just the "ater" and we've got the foundering of the vessel where it should be "floundering" but they just accepted it at the time and let it go which I find very unique.'

– Bob Wellington, Cumbria

Joseph Bell went down with the ship and his remains were never recovered.


Full Report: Cumbrian family's Titanic legacy

One of the relatives of Cumbria's famous shipbuilding family, the Ismays, has made an emotional visit to the company's old headquarters.

Albion House in Liverpool played its part in the tragic story of the Titanic, when the names of the dead were read out to the waiting crowds.

Clifford Ismay, from Workington - who is a member of the Titanic Heritage Trust - was invited to look round the building, before it is converted into a hotel.

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