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Sansa and Harley join Cumbria Police force

Meet Sansa and Harley, the newest furry additions to Cumbria Police force. They're training to recover bodies from water and find evidence from crime scenes:


WATCH: Lorry driver shortage

Long hours, unsociable shifts, training costs and a high demand for online goods - all factors which are leading to a growing shortage of lorry drivers both nationally and locally.

In Cumbria and the north east an extra 1,700 hundred drivers are needed. The Road Haulage Association says the situation is deteriorating fast with more and more companies struggling to recruit. Kate Walby reports.

Tourism school in west Cumbria

Young professionals from the service industry in west Cumbria have gone to tourism school to learn more about what the area has to offer visitors to the area.

The women from companies from across the west of the county were being trained by the West Cumbria Tourism board who hope the girls will become embassadors for the area, able to tell tourists what they can do when they stay.

"Many visitors who come to the Lake District are unaware that Cumbria has a coast. We need to help reeducate people and get more tourists to the western side of Cumbria.

"Those who live there know that the west has some stunning landscapes of its own from the western edge of the Lake District to Irish Sea coastline and the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

"The phenomenal girls on the course today, they are young, they are inspired, they are innovators and if we can get them to be ambassadors for the Western Lake District well our promotional job is just terrifically done for us."

– Katie Read, West Cumbria Tourim

Millions of visitors come to the Lake District every year and the West Cumbria Tourism board want more to visit the western Lakes.Winder Hall in Lorton sent along two members of staff. Antonia Dawson is the events manager and was surprised at how little she knew the ares where she works.

"I think it is very important for us to be able to recommend good places for our guests to go to and things that they can do in the western lake district.

"From doing quizzes this morning I have realised that my knowledge isn't really good of the area so I would quite like to improve that as it makes a good conversation starter for when I am talking to guests at the hotel."

– Antonia Dawson, Events Manager, Winder Hall.