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Council to consider buying three wind turbines

Wind turbines like these at Glenluce Primary School could be installed on other council-owned sites Credit: ITV News Border

A council is considering putting up three of its own wind turbines to pay for and off set carbon emissions from its street lights.

Planners at Dumfries and Galloway are meeting to discuss installing three turbines up to 66 metres high on council land.

They have identified 11 sites and are considering using school playing areas.

Opponents have criticised it for being nothing more than a 'money-making scheme'.

Windfarm plans rejected

Plans for a windfarm near Lockerbie have been rejected by Dumfries and Galloway Council. Local residents voiced their objections outside the council headquarters before the meeting.

The proposal was for a 10 turbine windfarm at Minnygap, but the council rejected the application on the advice of planners.

Local campaigners say had they gone through would have been detrimental to the tourism industry.

ITV Border spoke to Sarah Burchell outside the council headquarters before the vote was taken, she explained their objections and what she would likt to see instead

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