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WATCH: Musician revives old Cumberland tunes

A Cumbrian musician is reviving old Cumberland and Westmorland tunes played in the time of poet William Wordsworth.

Ed Heslam has produced a CD of music dating back to the 1700's, in the hope of keeping the songs alive for future generations. Paul Crone reports.

Success for Grasmere's Wordsworth, War & Waterloo

An exhibition in Grasmere to remember the Battle of Waterloo, 200 years on, has been a huge success.

More than 40,000 visitors came to see the display, which looks at Napoleon and the war through the eyes of the poet William Wordsworth.

Fiona Marley Paterson has this report.


Meet the winners of the Young Poet Competition

The winners of the Wordsworth Young Poets Competition with Christopher Wordsworth Credit: ITV Border

The winners of the Wordsworth Young Poet Competition were announced yesterday at a ceremony to mark the 200th anniversary of the publication of the revised version of Wordsworth's "Daffodils".

Youngsters across Cumbria were asked to contribute their own poems to be judged by a panel made up of members of William Wordsworth's family.

13-year-old Jessica Dickinson, from Keswick School, took first place with the following entry:

I wandered into my childhood,

Reminiscing one autumn day…

My creased eyes saw with joy

Each defining moment that shaped my mind, my life,

What treasures did I discover anew?

Fireworks shining in my mum’s eyes,

A swing to carry me to the top of the world,

A witch’s hat; a twinkling pumpkin greeting us and our tricks,

Santa, vibrant red, and a kind smile,

Summer days to run free and wild,

Oh no; that clown, a puppet, evil smile

Put him AWAY

A perfumed hug, everything’s OK

Colouring shapes on rainy days

My foot traces patterns on a sandy beach,

Laughing with friends until I cry,

And now but now, all my days are Autumn,

Winter draws close

Gnarled knotty hands, gnarled knotty trees,

Time to hibernate?

But my memories, like a toasty heart-warming fire keeping me aglow

Childhood memories

The jigsaw of me.

Credit: ITV Border

Judges described her words as "taking the reader into herself, where the poet lives".

You can watch a collection of readings by some of the runners up in the competition below:

In order of appearance:

  • 10-year-old Amelie Tyson from Ambleside Church of England Primary School
  • 10-year-old Lydia Huby from Casterton, Sedbergh Preparatory School
  • 10-year-old Matthew Gorton, from Bewcastle Primary School

Wordsworth's 'Daffodils' 200 years old

Credit: PA

Today marks 200 years since the revised version of William Wordsworth's poem "Daffodils" was published.

Christopher Wordsworth, the great great great great grandson of the famous poet, will be at Rydal Mount to recite the piece.

He will then present the prizes in the Young Poets Competition, which students across the country have entered.

Full report: Who wandered lonely as a cloud?

They symbolise, perhaps more than most, the end of winter and the start of spring.

Bright yellow Daffodils also inspired William Wordsworth to write one of the most celebrated poems of all time.

However, the Wordsworth Trust say that this is not entirely the case.

That inspiration came not from the flowers, not even the clouds but from something written by an entirely different Wordsworth.

Andy Burn reports:

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