Glorious 13th

The Grouse season is underway, traditionally the season begins on the 12th August but as shooting isn't allowed on a sunday it falls on the 13th this year. However some shoots have fallen foul of the weather

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'Nothing glorious about Grouse shooting'

The League Against Cruel Sports has said there's nothing glorious about Grouse shooting.

Joe Duckworth, the organisation's chief executive has raised concerns about this years shoot, the bad weather has seen a drop in Grouse numbers. He said:

"Lower grouse numbers will lead to a higher percentage being killed this year, possibly harming their long-term recovery.

"It beggars belief that a practice so barbaric in its entirety is allowed to continue in this day and age.

"Each year, from August to December, picturesque moorlands are invaded by groups of men and even children armed with guns, having paid for the pleasure of shooting and injuring thousands of terrified birds."

– Joe Duckworth

He also disputed the claim that the sport is worth millions to the rural economy.

"If this bloodsport were banned, the people who pay many thousands for the right to blast wildlife from the skies wouldn't simply stop spending their money. It would be spent elsewhere in the economy."

– Joe Duckworth

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