Glorious 13th

The Grouse season is underway, traditionally the season begins on the 12th August but as shooting isn't allowed on a sunday it falls on the 13th this year. However some shoots have fallen foul of the weather

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Praise for shooting industry

An enthusiast Credit: Scottish Land and Estates

Scottish Land and Estates, which represents over 2500 landowners in Scotland have celebrated the start of the grouse shooting season. They said despite a mixed picture in terms of bird numbers country sport enthusiasts dusted off their guns and headed for the hills to try and bag a brace.

They praised the grouse shooting industry for the tourism, environmental and economic benefits it brings – with many of these having an impact all year round.

Tim Baynes of the Scottish Land & Estates Moorland Group said:

“It is clear that grouse shooting brings substantial economic benefits to Scotland – the most recent figures show this to be around £30million a year in monetary terms and the equivalent of 2640 full time jobs.

"Very many rural businesses depend on grouse shooting for the income it creates and these in turn enable fragile communities to survive through the creation of jobs, both direct and indirect.

“The other important factor is the ecological benefits the moorland management associated with grouse shooting brings.

"This means more diverse wildlife is supported and more carbon is captured, resulting in an improved ecosystem overall. We would like to see more recognition and support voiced by the government and other public bodies for grouse shooting as a valuable asset to Scotland”.

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