'Drive Safely for Longer'

A new scheme which allows older people to check their driving skills for free, is launched in Eden and South Lakeland as part of National Road Safety Week.

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Refresher scheme for 250 older drivers

As part of National Road Safety Week a scheme is being launched in Eden and South Lakeland to encourage older drivers to check their skills on the road.

The 'Drive Safely for Longer' scheme is available to all aged over 65 and will operate on a first-come, first served basis, aiming to refresh the driving skills and knowledge of the region's older drivers.

Cumbria is particularly recognised for having an ageing population and it is often older drivers who are involved in road accidents because of things like reduction in eyesight and hearing.

The scheme will help around 250 drivers, and is being seen as a pilot for a further roll-out of the initiative.

"National Road Safety Week is an excellent opportunity to highlight initiatives which encourage safer driving.

The new Drive Safely for Longer scheme is a great example of early intervention and preventative measures stopping problems occurring further down the line.

We're investing now to make sure older drivers are safe - this will help reduce the heartbreak to families which can be caused by a road traffic collision, as well as the cost to emergency and health services from responding to incidents."

– Councillor Gary Strong, Cumbria County Council

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