Latest statement on suspension of Stuart Hyde

In accordance with Police Regulations, Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Richard Rhodes has undertaken the four weekly review of the suspension of Temporary Chief Constable Stuart Hyde.

Whilst South Wales Police are still investigating the allegations he has decided that Mr Hyde will remain suspended.

Temporary Chief Constable Lawson will continue in his temporary role.

“South Wales Police are investigating allegations made about the standards of Stuart Hyde's professional behaviour in his activities whilst at Cumbria Constabulary.

"Wide ranging enquiries have been necessary, which have included interviewing a number of witnesses as well as collating and analysing a considerable volume of documentary evidence.

"It is for this reason that the external investigation remains ongoing.

“As Commissioner, I take all allegations against any police officer seriously. The allegations against Temporary Chief Constable Hyde must be addressed in an appropriate manner."

– Richard Rhodes, Police and Crime Commissioner for Cumbria