Lockerbie plane wreckage moved to Dumfries

The plane wreckage in Lockerbie Credit: ITV News Border

The wreckage of the plane destroyed in the Lockerbie bombing, has been moved to Dumfries and Galloway.

Parts of the fuselage of Pan AM flight 103 were reconstructed at an Air Accident Investigation Branch hangar in Farnborough, where they were held for 24 years.

However, due to refurbishment there, the wreckage has been moved to a secure area.

A section of the plane in the hangar at Farnborough Credit: ITV News Border
A section of the plane pieced together at the Farnborough hangar Credit: ITV News Border

Dumfriesshire MP David Mundell has expressed his disappointment over the news.

He said:

"Discussions regarding moving the Lockerbie wreckage back to Scotland as part of live investigations have been ongoing for some time.

"It is extremely disappointing that such moves have gone ahead without communication and consultations locally ahead of the event taking place.

"I have spoken to the Lord Advocate and communicated this disappointment."