Alternative railway plans proposed at Falahill

Network Rail has submitted an alternative planning application to the Scottish Borders Council for a bridge to be built at Falahill - where the Borders Railway will need to pass under the A7.

An artist's impression of the new proposed plans Credit: Borders Railway

The alternative proposed plans would see the A7 continue to run close to its current alignment, with the railway passing underneath the road to the south of Falahill.

Hugh Wark, Network Rail Project Director explained the thinking behind the new plans:

“The double roundabout design at Falahill presents numerous construction challenges. The alternative design would provide less disruption to users of the A7 during construction and eliminates the need for roundabouts and related roadside features.

“The design would mean a slight realignment of the railway and A7 to provide more room for residents living at Falahill cottages. We have advised residents about the proposed changes before submitting our revised designs.”