Warning after harmful algae found in Windermere

A type of algae which can be harmful to humans and fatal to animals has been found in Lake Windermere.

The Environment Agency who regularly inspects lakes and rivers and carries out water sampling has informed South Lakeland District Council that there is evidence of blue-green algae.

Algae warning in Lake Windermere. Credit: PA wire

Anyone using lakes, rivers and reservoirs should treat all blue-green algae blooms with caution and contact with the algae and associated algal scum should be avoided.

Skin rashes may occur if the affected water comes in direct contact with the skin and people might get ill if they swallow the water.

Farmers and pet owners should also prevent livestock and animals coming into contact or drinking the affected water, as it can sometimes prove fatal for animals.

Many waters are vulnerable to problems with blue-green algae, typically between June and November.

South Lakeland District Council said the blooms do subside and is a temporary situation.