Cancer report on nuclear areas

Young children who live near nuclear power plants do not have a greater risk of developing childhood leukaemia according to research published in the British Journal of Cancer today.

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"No correlation" between nuclear power plants and cancer in children

The lead researcher on a project that investigated whether children living or born close to nuclear power sites were more likely to develop cancers like leukaemia has said that there is "no correlation" between the circumstances.

"The incidence of childhood leukaemia near nuclear installations in Great Britain has been a concern ever since the 1980s when an excess of cancer in young people near Sellafield was reported in a television programme.

"Since then, there have been conflicting reports in the UK and Europe as to whether there is an increased incidence of childhood cancer near nuclear power plants.

"Our case-control study has considered the birth records for nearly ever case of childhood leukaemia born in Britain and, reassuringly, has found no such correlation with proximity to nuclear power plants."

– Dr John Bithell, honorary research fellow at the Childhood Cancer Research Group and lead author on the study

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