Proposed fee rise "reflects true cost to police" of gun crime

Labour is calling for a proposed rise in gun licence fees as part of a push for tougher gun laws.

They say that the rise would reflect the actual cost of gun crime and would help give the police more powers and resources to deal with gun licensing properly.

"We want to make the system self-financing in order to give the police the resources they need to carry out proper background checks and provide a better service to the shooting community.

"After a decade without a fee rise, it is now time that the license fee reflects the true cost to the police. It is ridiculous that the annual cost of the firearms license is only a third as much as a fishing license.

At a time when frontline police numbers are being cut by 20% we cannot continue to subsidise the firearms licensing system by £18m a year from resources that could otherwise be keeping bobbies on the beat."

– Diana Johnson MP, Shadow Crime and Security Minister