Cumbria's Safe Place Scheme

Cumbria Police has launched a Safe Place Scheme for vulnerable people who may need somewhere to go when they are out and out in county.

People who use the scheme carry a Safe Place identity card. They can show this to the staff of participating shops and businesses. The card will carry that person's name and the contact number of someone they trust.

“We are really pleased to be involved in this new project with Cumbria Police. Working with vulnerable people every day – we know how confusing and scary the world can be for them when things go wrong.

"It really important for them to be able to find a place to go for help where they know the people will be caring and help them.

"Very often vulnerable and elderly people will come into our shop when they are confused or feel unwell because they know our staff will help them – its great we can now do this on a formal basis with back up from the police.’

– Shelia Gregory from Carlisle MENCAP