Scottish country dancing: Key to eternal youth?

New research by the University of Cumbria reveals Scottish country dancing is beneficial to the health of older women and can help to delay the ageing process.

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Scottish country dancing classes near you

With the University of Cumbria unveiling research which show Scottish country dancing can delay the ageing process, you may be wanting to put these claims to the test.

ITV Border have compiled a list of groups associated with the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society in our region that you can visit:

  • Annan - Wendy Adams on 01461 500 250
  • Carlisle & Border - Francis Reid on 01228 594 057 or
  • Castle Douglas - Anne McAteer on 01556 640 363 or
  • Dumfries - Marion Bennet on 01387 263 106 or
  • Duns &District - Graham Nisbet on 01890 781 567 or
  • Kirkcudbright - Margaret Wright on 01556 620 288 or
  • Stranraer - Irene McKenzie on 01776 703 498 or

For more information about Scottish country dancing or to find out about other groups from around the world you can visit the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society website.

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