PETA join Sellafield deer cull debate

PETA are backing campaigners who are trying to save deer which have become trapped between two security fences at the nuclear plant in west Cumbria. There are thought to be between five and 15 deer involved.

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PETA: find a 'humane and practical' to remove deer

PETA, a national animal rights group, have called on Sellafield bosses to find a 'humane and practical' way to clear the deer from their site.

They have written to the Managing Director of the site asking them not to cull the deer.

It's believed between about 12 deer could be culled after they became trapped between two fences at the West Cumbrian nuclear site.

Killing deer who have become trapped after the erection of fences in the area is extremely cruel and, as recent protests from local people have shown, damaging for Sellafield's reputation. The deer can be removed from your land humanely and effectively by simply luring them out of the area with food. We advise that you designate a section of the fence to be opened in a few weeks' time and place food in this area as bait... May I please have your assurance that you will not kill the deer on your land and will instead opt for the humane and practical solution of herding them off the site?

– Kirsty Henderson, PETA

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