Borders friendship cairn backed by Joanna Lumley

A cairn is being built in Gretna to symbolise the friendship between England and Scotland.

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Cairn of "friendship" to be built in Gretna

The foundation stone for a cairn is being laid in Gretna that those opposed to Scottish Independence hope will become a symbol of the links between Scotland and England.

People are being invited to place a stone on the cairn, called The Auld Acquaintance, to show their support for the friendship between the two nations.

The Yes Campaign, which wants the people of Scotland to support independence in September's referendum, said that Scotland and England would be friends even if Scotland left the UK.

The Auld Acquaintance is a traditional circular dry-stone structure and people are invited to bring their own stone, or use traditional slate, lime and sand stones supplied on-site.

Dry-stone wallers from both sides of the border will be working on the construction, which has been designed by architect Paul Jakulis in a bend of the River Sark - the precise borderline between Scotland and England - next to Scotland's First House.

"Please join us in this very special project on the English-Scottish border at Gretna Green. We are inviting individuals and families from across the UK to bring their favourite stone - or to use the stones we will be supplying - to work with us and build what we're calling The Auld Acquaintance. The Auld Acquaintance will be built in the great traditional British tradition of a stone cairn, a statement of our respect, our love, our affection for the United Kingdom."

– Rory Stewart MP, Conservative Penrith and The Border

I welcome the cairn celebrating friendship between Scotland and England. Scotland and England will be friends whether there's a yes or a no vote. We're not going anywhere and will continue to be friends.

– Joan McAlpine MSP, Scottish National Party South Scotland

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