How did the Great War affect the Borders?

The exhibition will look at how Duns was affected by the Great War Credit: PA Wire

A new exhibition is looking at how the Great War affected Duns and the surrounding area, despite being miles from the front line.

Shops and businesses had to cope with less staff as their employees signed up to fight 'for King and country'. Everyone was involved in fundraising to buy ships, planes and tanks. They also collected home comforts for the men in the trenches.

Women went back into work and began to take on roles they had never had before. Berwickshire also fell victim with stray zeppelin bombs showering the district in 1916. All things considered Duns and its environs had a large part to play in this new type of war.

Photographs, objects, local newspapers and town council records have been used to build up a picture of Duns in the 1914-18 period. Many local people have loaned family items to also display.

‘The Great War in Duns’ exhibition is in Duns Library Contact Centre and will be open during library open hours from 4th October to 15th November.