The People's Millions: who got the most votes?

The People's Millions is a long-running collaboration between ITV and the Big Lottery Fund. We want to help projects that capture the public's imagination, inspire local people to get involved and to make a lasting difference to those in their area through improvements to the neighbourhood.

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People's Millions: Who got the most votes on Monday?

It's Day Two of our very popular Peoples Millions!

It's the time of year when ITV Border joins forces with the Big Lottery Fund to offer up to £50,000 to projects that improve the lives of people in their neighbourhoods.

Every night until Wednesday, we're featuring two groups going head to head in appealing for your votes and funding from money raised by the National Lottery for good causes. There will also be a bonus award for the runner-up with the highest number of votes.

Last night we featured the first two groups. They were:

Gretna Community Sport want to provide more sporting facilities for young people locally. Football is one sure way of getting youngsters off that sofa and out on the field. But this group needs equipment and funding for buses, so they can travel to games.

Then there's Thornhill and the Wallace Hall Academy and they'd like to develop their local Whapples Orchard to create paths and landscape a muddy field - in short, they want to grow the place and make it a focal point for young and old in the community.

So, who managed to get the most votes last night? Fiona Armstrong is an old hand at the People's Millions.

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