The People's Millions: who got the most votes?

The People's Millions is a long-running collaboration between ITV and the Big Lottery Fund. We want to help projects that capture the public's imagination, inspire local people to get involved and to make a lasting difference to those in their area through improvements to the neighbourhood.

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The People's Millions: Who got the most votes on Wednesday?

It's the final day of our very popular Peoples Millions!

It's the time of year when ITV Border joins forces with the BIG Lottery Fund to offer up to £50,000 to projects which improve the lives of people in their neighbourhoods.

All this week, we've been featuring two projects going head to head in appealing for your votes and funding from money raised by the National Lottery for good causes. There'll also be a bonus award for the runner-up with the highest number of votes.

Well, last night we featured the last two groups - both from the Scottish Borders. They were:

Nomad Beat in Peebles is a music group and it's into Breaking Sound Barriers. It wants to be able to allow more people to play music - regardless of age or disability. It says music is therapeutic. It helps concentration and co-ordination and is great for team-building.

Meanwhile in Duns, a Heart for Duns wants to create a community theatre and cinema in the old volunteer hall. To put on a proper show, they need a proper stage - and some decent lighting equipment. It's a project they say that would further bring the town together.

So who got the most votes between the two? Fiona Armstrong's been following the Peoples Millions vote all week:

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