Winter Warmth Appeal launches

A campaign to keep older people warm over winter launches today.

The Winter Warmth Appeal raised more than £100,000 for elderly people in the region last year.

Its flagship event is the Big Sleep, a sleep over in a field in south Cumbria, which takes place on February 7.

And tonight the Chief Executive of Cumbria Community Foundation, Andy Beeforth, will be sleeping in a bed - on Windermere - to raise awareness.

“Every year 300 elderly people in Cumbria die because they can’t afford to heat their homes throughout the winter and that is why appeals like the Winter Warmth are so important.

"The Big Sleep is a fun way for people to raise money and help reduce this number. If we can manage to sleep on Lake Windermere and not fall out, it will be easy to sleep out one night on the Low Wood’s fell side."

– Andy Beeforth, Chief Executive