Proposal to widen choices of staying independent

There could be a wider choice of accommodation for those who require care but want to continue to live independently.

Cumbria County Council is proposing the investment of up to £6million in Extra Care Housing, which is similar to sheltered housing.

It is believed this will save £500,000 on more costly care options, such as funding places in residential homes.

“Extra care housing means that more people will be able to live in their own home as their needs change, knowing they have the security of access to on-site care and support.

"For several years, we’ve been responding to the growing demand and different social care needs of older people who want to live independently by investing in extra care housing.”

– Cllr Beth Furneaux, Cumbria County Council’s Cabinet member for Adult Social Care

Each scheme is built in partnership with a housing association.

The council currently supports 12 schemes around the county with four more expected to be completed during 2015/2016.