NHS Borders finds error in data entry

NHS Borders identified and fixed an error in its data entry Credit: PA

NHS Borders has identified and fixed a temporary error in its data entry system which has affected the treatment time guarantee (TTG) for some patients.

Those affected had treatment agreed and were added to the waiting list between September 2, 2014 and January 6, 2015.

Of the 1767 patients listed for treatment.

  • 38 were treated beyond their statutory TTG
  • In 20 cases the time delay for treatment was 4 days or less
  • In 11 cases the impact of the delay was between 4 and 7 days
  • The maximum delay was 11 days.

Of the patients who have yet to receive treatment:

  • approximately 60 cases are currently at risk of exceeding their TTG during January or February.

NHS Borders says steps are being taken to minimise this impact and treatment dates will be agreed directly with patients.

Every patient whose guarantee date has been affected has been sent a letter of explanation and apology from the Board.

“The cause of this error was a configuration error within our IT system, and regretfully the treatment time guarantee for a small number of patients has been affected. I would like to apologise on behalf of the Board for any inconvenience that this has caused.”

– Jackie Stephen, NHS Borders Head of Information Management and Technology