Could killer of former Borders soldier return to Britain?

The mother of a murdered security guard from Peebles has started a petition calling for his killer to serve his full sentence in Iraq.

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Could killer of former Borders soldier return to Britain?

Paul McGuigan was murdered in Iraq Credit: Corinne Boyd-Russell

Paul McGuigan was shot dead in Iraq 6 years ago, along with fellow security guard Darren Hoare.

His killer was a colleague, 31-year-old Danny Fitzsimons from Manchester. In 2011, Danny was found guilty for the two murders, and was sentenced to 20 years in an Iraqi prison.

But now Paul McGuigan's Mum, Corinne Boyd-Russell, who lives in Innerleithen, fears her son's killer could return to Britain.

The UK Government is currently in negotiations with Iraq to agree a prisoner transfer agreement. If the agreement goes ahead, Danny Fitzsimons could apply to return home.

But for now the agreement has not been signed. Corinne wants to make sure her son's killer does not return home, and that is why she is collecting 100,000 signatures for a petition.

She says : ""I want to go the Secretary of State and I want to give my representations as to why I don't think he should be brought back to Britain. It is important to the whole family, it is important to Paul's son. Paul's son will be a teenager soon, and when he gets brought back to Britain, how do you think that boy is going to feel?"

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: ""Transferring a prisoner back to the UK under a prisoner transfer agreement helps protect the public. Once transferred and released from custody prisoners here are released on licence and under the supervision of the Probation Service. Those released overseas who return to the UK are not subject to any restrictions."

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