Border region counts cost of Nepal earthquake

The aftermath of Nepal's earthquake continues to unfold around the world.

Some Cumbrian's have lost friends and family in the tragedy.

Others from our region who were there have described the devastating effects of the disaster and are calling for aid to be sent to help rebuild the country.

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Cliffs 'spew huge boulders' during Nepal's second quake

Chris Harling Credit: Chris Harling

Cumbrian mountaineer Chris Harling has described the powerful aftershock that occurred 25 hours after Nepal's devastating earthquake on Saturday.

In a post on his Facebook page he described the "now familiar wave like motion" of the ground beneath his feet as the second "big quake" scientists had predicted began.

According to Chris, from Penrith, the cliffs around his tent at the North Everest Base Camp began to"disintegrate and spew huge boulders" towards the area where he, and others in the group he is leading, have taken shelter.

But they never reached what he calls their "island of safety", and everyone in his group remains unhurt.

The scientists predicted a second big quake around 24 hours after yesterday's. It came 25 hours later.

From within the comfort of our mess tent, subtle tremors were noticed, rapidly followed by the now familiar wave like motion of the ground and the equally rapid exit of the tent by our clients.

Through the cloud and snows, once again we witnessed the cliffs above BC begin to disintegrate and spew huge boulders towards our island of safety.

Again, they never gained the energy or direction to reach us - we are thankful for a well chosen site and that no one is hurt.

Stood still, the effect is strange - the sensation of wavelike motion, in the absence of sound or other visual cues. Team members feel dizzy even a little nauseous.

– Chris Harling, Leader, Adventure Peaks 2015 North Ridge Expedition

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