Future of haaf netting at risk

The historic method of salmon fishing on the Solway could be under threat.

Fishermen claim new restrictions that mean they can catch just three salmon a year are making it impossible for them to continue the tradition.

But the Environment Agency says the quota is vital to preserve dwindling stocks of fish.

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Haaf net fishing threatened by new quotas

Credit: ITV Border

New tougher quotas for salmon catches could mean an end to over a thousand years of Haaf net fishing on the English side of the Solway.

From this week, fisherman are only allowed to catch three salmon throughout the whole season.

The Environment Agency says this quota is needed to protect stocks.

But fishermen say it's threatening their way of life.

I think this could be the final blow. And what I would like to do is have a meeting with the Environment Agency and work out a more balanced solution which would ensure our future and the future of the fish. Because I think we're almost becoming as endangered as the salmon."

– Mark Graham, Haaf-net fisherman

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