The Budget in the Borders

What to expect in Cumbria and the south of Scotland, as the Chancellor unveils his emergency budget.

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Farron: 'everything we stopped' comes out in Budget

Tim Farron MP Credit: PA

South Lakes MP Tim Farron has slammed the Chancellor's budget, claiming many of today's changes had been stopped by the Liberal Democrats in the last Parliament.

In particular, Farron points to benefits for people under the age of 21, and grants for university students.

But he has praised the increase in the personal allowance, and increased funding for the NHS:

For all its talk about striving, aspiration and creating a Northern Powerhouse, this budget has delivered none of it.

It shows that the Conservatives, devoid of fresh ideas, have simply rehashed old ones that were rejected over the last few years. That is not be said that there is not some kernels of good policies within the announcement – the best being the raising of the income tax threshold to £11,000 on its way to £12,500, something we as Liberal Democrats pushed and promoted.

This will help some of the poorest working people in the Lakes.”

– Tim Farron, MP

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