Councillor urges Prime Minister to re-think right-to-buy scheme

A council in Cumbria has written to the Prime Minister, urging the government to drop it's plans to extend the Right to Buy scheme.

Under the plans housing association tenants will have the chance to buy the properties they live in at vastly reduced discounts.

But Peter Thornton from South Lakeland District Council says that will reduce the amount of social housing that's available for people in need damaging an area that's already struggling to meet the demand for homes.

19 year old Anna Driscoll is one of the many people struggling to find a home in South Lakeland.

She's still living with her parents and has been on the social housing waiting list for four months.

She is worried that the government's plans will make it even more difficult to secure social housing.

But not all people are of the same opinion. A prominent Conservative councillor in Cumbria says his party has got the right policy.

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