Cogra Moss reservoir will not be permanently drained

Cogra Moss Credit: ITV Border

A popular Cumbrian reservoir will not be permanently drained, according to the company that owns it.

United Utilities was considering draining Cogra Moss, in X, to return it to its natural form.

It was one of two options for the reservoir, because a dam there needs refurbishing.

That led to campaigns against the proposal, because many people consider the area to be a beauty spot, and it is popular with anglers.

The company has now opted instead to reduce the water levels for a short time, to allow the repairs to take place.

A public exhibition will be held in the new year, to show what this work will entail.

We have taken everything into consideration from the safety of the public, needs of wildlife and the local community’s love of the area with the required investment for the two options available.

This study has allowed us to arrive at the best long-term solution for the site.”

– Paul Phillips from United Utilities