'Old school' battle between Curle and Sheringham

Teddy Sheringham and Keith Curle. Credit: PA

Carlisle United Manager Keith Curle says he's looking forward to taking Teddy Sheringham on... as a manager.

The Blues' boss made the comments on the club's website, and he also addressed rumours about local striker Grant Holt:

I came up against Teddy many years ago when I was starting my career in the top flight. I went to Wimbledon when he was at Millwall. They were flying high and doing very well at the time.

We had some fantastic battles. He was up front with Tony Cascarino and I was beside Eric Young. With that you had four good professionals who had a good understanding of the game. All four of us had strengths and weaknesses but none us could be accused of shying away from challenges or of backing away from any situation.

Teddy definitely wasn’t shy about leaving a stud on you. The good thing about him was that he could take a challenge as well. He would never whinge and moan about it. If you did give him a kick you could guarantee you would get one back, and you don’t mind that.

He would take a knock, get up and come back for more the next time. I think you’d describe us as proper old school. Times have changed now because if someone gets a twisted sock they’re down for five minutes and they need attention from the medical people.”

– Keith Curle, Carlisle United Manager

On Grant Holt:

A few people have mentioned his name. It’s one where you would never say never, and you never say no. I’d need to watch him myself and see where he’s at.

He’s played a few under-21 games recently and he’s experienced enough to know those games are purely for him to get match-sharpness back up to speed.

I’ve got respect for Grant Holt. I’ve played against him and I know what he offers. As with any player, I’d need to see him myself so I could see where he is physically and mentally. We need players here who fit into the ethos of what we’re trying to create at the football club. No player will walk into this club if I didn’t think it was right for the team.”

– Keith Curle, Carlisle United Manager