400 children play rugby in Sedbergh

As Scotland gears up to face Australia in the Rugby World Cup, 400 ten and eleven-year olds are playing a rugby tournament in Sedbergh.

Around 800 people are expected at Sedbergh School to watch more than 40 teams compete from all over the North West and Yorkshire.

The school hopes it'll encourage more young people to be inspired by the UK hosting the Rugby World Cup and get into the sport.

“The event ran for the first time last year. The advantage is that it brings clubs from all over the North of England, offering a unique experience of playing rugby at one of the most historic, successful rugby schools in the country, playing against and mixing with teams they would not necessarily play at any other time. There is no trophy just a fun festival aimed at participation rather than winners and losers.”

– Jason Duffy, Sedbergh School development coach, and England U16 Coach