Cumbria Police faces funding cuts of up to £26m

Cumbria Police chiefs fear they could have to make further savings of £26m, after already cutting spending by £20m.

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Data error could mean extra £5.8m of police funding cuts

The police could face more cuts. Credit: ITV Border

An error in the formula used to calculate cuts to police forces "undermines the credibility" of the cuts, according to Cumbria's Police and Crime Commissioner.

Richard Rhodes says the mistake, which was spotted by Devon and Cornwall’s Police and Crime Commissioner, could mean extra cuts of £5.8 million for Cumbria Constabulary.

Those extra cuts would bring the total Cumbria Police is set to lose, under the Police Funding Formula, up to £15.3 million.

That would mean a total budget reduction of £31.8 million, rather than the £26 million, which Chief Constable Jerry Graham had previously warned was calling the force's viability into question.

Based on the information that we have received today our understanding at this time is that it is indicated under the Police Funding Formula consultation that we may lose an additional £5.8m bringing our total loss under the Funding Formula to £15.3m.

If these figures are correct it would bring our total budget reduction to £31.8m and we are waiting for urgent confirmation of this from the Home Office.

The provision of accurate percentages to allow PCCs and Chief Constables to assess the potential impact of proposals on individual forces is a critical part of the process.

We would therefore urge the Home Office to appoint an independent panel to review the funding formula and consultation process”.

– Richard Rhodes, Police and Crime Commissioner

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