WATCH: repair work underway at Victoria Bridge in Kendal

Divers have been working in the River Kent carrying out repairs to the foundation of Victoria Bridge in Kendal.

Cumbria County Council are hoping to reopen the bridge as soon as possible.

Engineers have been placing 'grout bags' under the damaged bridge pier to provide support for the bridge above.

The bags fill the void created by flood water scouring away the bridge’s foundation.

The video shot by the dive team shows the work that has been done.

Heavy rain has caused river levels to rise and made working in the water unsafe for divers, and technical problems at the plant supplying the materials used in the repair, have meant the hoped for opening date has been pushed back into next week.

"It's deeply frustrating that factors outside of our control have hampered the speed of the repair.

"The divers have been doing a great job, but as river levels rise the speed of water flow increases and the visibility in the water drops, making it unsafe for us to work in the water.

"We can't give a definite date yet when we'll be able to open the bridge for traffic, but as soon as we can we'll let people know."

– Nick Raymond, Senior Manager - Network Management